Sports analytics

It is a scientific tool which supports one from choosing a sport to winning a competition. It ensures complex systematic analysis of measurement, data processing, evaluation and consultation. It improves the development of individuals or teams with sharpening the decision-making work of sport managers.

The sports analytics module of the VITASPOT® product line designed and implemented by the DinamIT Informatika Kft. It is available as a cloud-based expert system. It contains different modules which are variable like Lego™ bricks according to the users’ needs.

The elements of the product line are capable of supplying several target areas with validated professional articles (in the topic of mass sport, youth education, education, family health care, public health (care), market research etc.) adapted to special needs.

The module – besides many other things – includes personal consultation, education, training, expert work and a computer system by which we are focusing on the health education of the teenagers, youths and the working age population.

What kind of goals are served by sports analytics?

Its application is even more crucial to reach significant sporting successes as to enhance it, and also to support the sports management’s decision making.

It summarises the designing and managing of the trainings and matches, the physical and mental preparation and health check of the athletes and comparing of their results on a centralised platform. Therefore it supports the sport managements’ decision-making.

Where can our sports analytic system be applied?

Among its application areas are the individual and team sports, mass sports, youth sports as well as choosing the sport, youth education, preparation for competition, analysis of the competitions’ results. It can be applied for choosing the players, following up their development, enhancing their sporting success and improving their techniques.

Who can be the users of our sports analytic system?

  • amateur and professional athletes, student athletes and their parents,
  • trainers, sports doctors,
  • experts of sports science and sports medicine (e.g.: physical education teacher, sport recreation expert, choreographer, stretcher, masseur, physiotherapists,
  • health care professionals (e.g. doctor of the sports team, cardiologist, dietitian, psychologist etc.),
  • managers, directors of sports centres, sports associations, sports academies and sports managers,
  • education experts.

What are the advantages of using our sports analytic system?

  • During the selection of the sports team members it supports choosing the proper students by analysing their mental and physical health status.
  • It increases the effectivity of the institute so more athletes and students could be part of the top league or get the elite status.
  • The system also helps designing and keeping on track the personalised and unique development path.
  • It supports the evidence-based decision making during the coaching.
  • It is a unique service collection which meets the sport-specific needs and summarise the results of several sciences (medicine, psychology, behaviour science, nutrition).