Server room services

For our current and potential partners, we offer server hosting, virtual private server (VPS), server rental, and web hosting services. Our expert stuff with more than a decade professional experience carries out the surveillance and the on-demand operation of the server room and the hosted devices. They supervise the procedures as system engineer in 7/24.

Nowadays every enterprises, institutes and corporations are using IT solutions, computer applications to manage the everyday business fast and smoothly. These IT solutions are mainly running on a high-performance servers and their data are also stored there. The security of the date stored on the central computer and their internal storage is mandatory. It is not enough to protect them physically only, but to ensure their proper cooling, continuous power supply and fire protection are also important. In addition, our colleagues and technology secure the constant running even in case of blackout or disaster.

Our server room is in Balatonfüred. During the implementation, we have taken into consideration the relevant information security standards (CC, COBIT, MSZ ISO / IEC 17799/27001) and the ECK, BITKOM, TIA-EIA 942 recommendations, standards and classification system for the construction of the computer room and Euronorm requirements. Our team consists of supervisors and engineers who are highly qualified and accredited professionally. They are at the service of our customers with prompt, professional and kind responses to emerging needs and questions. The machine room’s equipment and infrastructure can be divided into four main categories: cooling, power supply, fire and property protection, and operational control systems. In all four categories we installed high quality, heavy duty devices manufactured for industrial use.

Informatics is often like air: we only realize that it exists, when it is missing. In case of a big deal, it is usually too late to worry. That is why important to act with foresight, and prudence when we think about the types of computer applications we use in our daily lives and whether the server infrastructure running these applications is safe. If any doubt occurs about it, then the advanced and high-level protection provided by our server room is the solution. One can install the previously purchased assets there, or in case one does not want to invest in, build the very own solutions on a rent server capacity. Moreover, if your assets are already safe, you can buy “grey stocks” next to them: you can rely the backup of your valuable data to us. We provide 24-hour customer service and system monitoring to our partners every day.