Families – our vision: they are the fundaments of future generations. The mission of DinamIT Informatika Kft. is improving the families’s life quality and supporting them to follow healthy lifestyle.

In 2010 six small companies founded the DinamIT Informatika Kft. in order to continue their preventive research and development activity, which they started separately in different fields of e-health.

The DinamIT Informatika Kft. is in Balatonfüred. It carries out its research and development activity in the innovation centre created within the Pannon K+F+I+O Accredited Cluster. The primary role of DinamIT Informatika Kft. is research and development in the fields of healthcare and informatics. The main parts of the company’s business profile are IT services, e. g. operating their own cloud based services and systems as well as offering server storage and hosting. In addition the expert team of the DinamIT Informatika Kft. aid managing EU applications and projects from the tendering to the implementation. They are experienced in unique software development, IT consultation, engineering as well as selling computer devices and licenses.

The DinamIT Informatika Kft. carries out most of its research and development activity with the aid of the European Regional Development Fund and connects to the Economic Development Operational Programme. The medical research activity is based on the concept of the evidence based medicine.

The employees of the DinamIT Informatika Kft. believes that the diseases are better to prevent than to treat. Part of DinamIT Informatika Kft.’s mission is to meticulously analyse the preventive methods, and propagate the proven, demonstrated ones in a popular scientific way to the wide range of working-age population as new services. There is a growing interest about our softwares and products in Hungary and also abroad.

The DinamIT Informatika Kft. sells its products and services under VITASPOT brand name. The VITASPOT logo and name are registered trade mark of DinamIT Informatika Kft. in the European Union since 2012.


The DinamIT Informatika Kft. successfully implemented the ”LÉTLELET – Family in the virtual space” (ID: GOP-1.2.1-09-2010-0018) research and development project. We used the results of evidence based medicine, sports science, psychology and nutrition during the project and as a fundament of our products. We distribute our products under  VITASPOT® brand name.

Sports analytics

It is a scientific tool which supports one from choosing a sport to winning a competition. It ensures complex systematic analysis of measurement, data processing, evaluation and consultation. It improves the development of individuals or teams with sharpening the decision-making work of sport managers.

Generation Z

We created a new website following the typical behaviour patterns of the Generation Z. It supports the health protection of the youngsters and measures their lifestyle habits. It utilises the results of our research in medical-science, psychology, nutrition and sport sciences.

Social hub

It is a thematic, closed user group (also known as ‘social hub’). Users can interact with each other on a shared virtual interface where they can be organized into thematic groups, teams, and classes.


Server room services

For our current and potential partners, we offer server hosting, virtual private server (VPS), server rental, and web hosting services. Our expert stuff with more than a decade professional experience carries out the surveillance and the on-demand operation of the server room and the hosted devices. They supervise the procedures as system engineer in 7/24.

Operation, system engineering

The proprietary rule of constant availability of every IT system is the reliable administration and management. Taking into account our clients’ needs we provide the proper and high quality support with highly qualified stuff.

IT programing

Our highly qualified professional team takes care about the custom tailored software development, IT consultation and engineering. They create unique software design and focus on your needs. They design systems and applications that outmost fit your company’s demands.

Scientific work

Data processing

DinamIT Informatika Kft. processes the anonymized data – collected during its research activity, according to the Hungarian and European legislation – for further research and statistical purposes.


DinamIT Informatika Kft. has successfully completed the GOP-1.2.1-09-2010-0018 identification number ‘LÉTLELET – Család a virtuális térben’ (‘LÉTLELET – Family in the virtual space’) research and development project.


Physical and mental health is an essential element of a balanced lifestyle. However, the correct direction is different for each individual. We provide professional background for finding this balance.



The II. Sport and Innovation International Conference will be organized on May 9-10, 2018 at the Groupama Arena in Budapest by the Hungarian National Trading House and the University of Physical Education. The aim of the bilingual (hungarian and english) scientific event is to support the implementation and transformation in to innovation of the newer creative ideas.

InterSystems Global Summit 2017

In September 10-13, 2017 Palm Springs, CA – this year’s partner partnership and scientific conference of our US technology partner, – InterSystems Corporation – was held. This event was hosted by all the technology and solution vendors of InterSystems worldwide. We were the only ones whom represented Hungary and the V4 region at the conference with more than 600 participants. With our presence we represented not only our products, but also our home country for IT specialists from a number of countries around the world.

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