InterSystems Global Summit 2017

In September 10-13, 2017 Palm Springs, CA – this year’s partner partnership and scientific conference of our US technology partner, – InterSystems Corporation – was held. This event was hosted by all the technology and solution vendors of InterSystems worldwide. We were the only ones whom represented Hungary and the V4 region at the conference with more than 600 participants. With our presence we represented not only our products, but also our home country for IT specialists from a number of countries around the world.

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As a solution partner, we had the opportunity to present our developments in the exhibition at the hall of the conference. Participating in the show was also a good opportunity to assess where the US companies development are at the moment. We have introduced the “PELSOFT” brand created outside the European market with our data communication, health, sport analytics, Z-generation solutions and our thematic closed community web service.

Parallel with the partner meeting and the exhibition, professional programs for developers were run, which, in addition to presenting the latest technologies, helped to provide practical presentations and consultancy opportunities for the transfer of knowledge.