Generation Z

We created a new website following the typical behaviour patterns of the Generation Z. It supports the health protection of the youngsters and measures their lifestyle habits. It utilises the results of our research in medical-science, psychology, nutrition and sport sciences.

This is an on-line screening and consulting questionnaire of the mental status and lifestyle habits which therefore targets the personal prevention. The focus of this questionnaire is a psychological (mental hygienic) tools which supports the behaviour change and personality development of teenagers and youngsters.

Generation Z in the focus

The Generation Z product of the VITASPOT product line is a screening questionnaire of the mental status and lifestyle habits. It targets the personal prevention of the teenagers and youngsters (Generation Z) and focuses on the psychological (mental hygienic) aspects as well as the behaviour change and personality development.

Through the identification and analysis of the factors and habits influencing the health, it helps the teenagers and youngsters to reach their personal goals with personalised advices and explanations.

Through the results of the anonymous and voluntarily filling out of the questionnaire, the product has a detailed data warehouse about the lifestyle habits and physical, mental health status of the Generation Z (aged 12-20 years) which is a representative sample for further surveys and can be a basis for market research purposes too.