Physical and mental health is an essential element of a balanced lifestyle. However, the correct direction is different for each individual. We provide professional background for finding this balance.

Our consulting and educational activities cover the following areas of expertise:

Psychology, mental hygiene.

  • Our psychologist created methods to help improving the talents as well as the mental health. Our goal is to identify and develop those psychological and mental hygiene potentials that help to create a balanced, goal-generating generation in adult life. In the area of health promotion we supplement the improvement of physical health with psychological counselling.
  • In sports analytics, our sports psychology experts help to formulate, reach and overcome individual and team goals. On demand, we help the athletes and teams struggling with motivational difficulties or performance issues.
  • Our on-line questionnaire system, designed by our physicians, psychologists, movement practitioners and dietitians, focuses on mental health and life-style health check-ups, to focus on the behavioural changes of adolescents and young adults, as well as their personality development.


Dietetics, nutrition

  • Based on the expertise of doctors and dietitians we designed an on-line food log which is appropriate to assess the dietary habits (energy and nutrient intake) of individuals or groups and to follow up their diet recommended by the professionals (doctors and dietitians).
  • Our videos about the modern cooking and baking methods, our sample menus and the informative but also readable articles support the users to learn the basics of a preventive diet.
  • We can take interactive presentations for students in high school classes, sport teams, sports associations, sports academies about the theoretical and practical issues of the preventive and performance enhancing diet

Photo: Péter Egyed