The II. Sport and Innovation International Conference will be organized on May 9-10, 2018 at the Groupama Arena in Budapest by the Hungarian National Trading House and the University of Physical Education. The aim of the bilingual (hungarian and english) scientific event is to support the implementation and transformation in to innovation of the newer creative ideas.

The organizers of the conference in the hungarian sport sector and in the world wide competition, especially in the tasks of enhancing the productivity of the olympic performance wish to provide opportunities in wider international and scientific spectrum for exchanging experiences and mutual knowledge transfer for innovative trainers, sports experts, researchers, business people and for pyhsical education teachers who want and are able to incorporate innovations in to their professional work.

The aim of the conference is to get an innovative approach incorporated in the sport design methodology and the practice of implementation up to the transformation in to the level of sport clubs. This year the conference focuses on cognitive and mental development, performance diagnostics, sports facility management and inclusive sports. The main topics of the conference include the innovative social role of the sport, as well as the presentation of the best practices and guidelines.

As last year the conference the DinamIT Informatika Ltd. will be represented again with its sports analytics and sports informatics products and services enhanced with social media features under the VITASPOT brand name.

We are waiting for You at the VITASPOT’s table!

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Photo:  groupamaarena.com